About Katherine Shearer

Mad. Enough to be an actor.
A touch from all the family heritage - Shearer, Besanko, Cowdroy. Eccentric yet grounded.
A childhood filled with artistic opportunities by creatively minded parents.
Musician. Singer. Actor.
Bohemian at heart.
A wonder lust… or constantly itchy feet. Restlessness.
A spirit that won't give up.
Vulnerable but strong.
Much room for improvement.
Always looking to create opportunities.
Lives in hope.
Never gives up.

Kate’s first passion has always been performing. Growing up as a baroque musician and singer, she fell under theatre’s magical spell as she attended everything from puppetry to opera to street theatre in her hometown of Adelaide. High school was full of musical and drama studies at Brighton Secondary School. Choir tours and musical studies took her to Europe after high school, where she immersed herself in small theatre companies in Holland with international casts, whilst studying with Baroque master Daniel Bruggen. 

Kate graduated from Flinders Drama Centre, Flinders University as well as further studies in London and Los Angeles. 


by Richard Bean, based on David Mamet’s Screenplay

Australian Premiere, Presented by the New Theatre, 2016

Director Louise Fischer – Set Designer John Cervenka – Lighting Designer Louise Mason – Costume Designer Deborah Mulhall – Sound Designer Amber Wilcox – Assistant Director Sahn Millington – Cards/Poker Advisor Wayne Van Keren – Stage Manager Douglas Cairns

With Ben Brock, Hannah Day, Cheyne Fynn, Charles Jones, Mark Langham, Rebecca Levy, Colin McCarlie, Katherine Shearer, Benjamin Vickers, Cindy Wang

“Katherine Shearer plays Dr Margaret Ford with unshakeable confidence and charm. She pulls off the psychology jargon with believability and compels the audience to barrack for her as she refuses to be outwitted by the cons, proving herself to be a formidable protagonist.” Emily Richardson, Upstaged Reviews


by Steven Berkoff

“Class War Shouldn’t be This Fun”

Cast Katherine Shearer & Rowan McDonald, Director Serhat Caradee Performed at The Tap Gallery, The Old 505 Theatre 2013, and Holden Street Theatres 2014.



”Katherine Shearer’s infectious playfulness endears her instantly to the audience.. She brings joy to the stage, providing a welcome counter balance to the dark cynicism of the writing” Suzy Goes See, 2013

“Shearer excels in both her class roles utilising sexuality and an amazing array of facial expression.” David Grybowski, The Barefoot Review, Adelaide 2014


Bull Ant Productions presents, BITCH BOXER by Charlotte Josephine

The NSW Premiere – The Old 505 Theatre, Hibernian House, May 2015, Sydney Fringe Festival, KX Theatre, September 2015.

Performed by Katherine Shearer. www.bullantproductions.com

Director Srisacd Sacdpraseuth – Production Manager Tegan Nicholls  Sound Designer Alistair Wallace – Lighting Designer Christopher Page Set Designer Bethany Sheehan – Boxing Coach Eleanor Boden Photographer Marnya Rothe – Publicity Tara Clark

“Ms Shearer in a fully committed and rigorous performance has transformed herself quite startlingly to create for us.” Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary, 2015


By Mary Zimmerman


Director Dino Dimitriadis – Assistant Director Tristan Carey – Design Dino Dimitriadis and John Harrison – Lighting Design William Ratcliffe – Stage Manager Samantha Cunningham – Producer John Harrison and Richard Russell

With Jarrod Crellin, Rowan Freeman, Sophie Haylen, Richard Hilliar, Daniel Hunter, Jacqui Livingston, Danielle Maas, Alex Nicholas, Katrina Rautenberg, Katherine Shearer, Tim Warden

“Every moment counts in this seamless collection of mythic tales” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“There was not one moment where you weren’t glued to what was happening on stage… A brilliant production” Lloyd Bradford Syke, Curtain Call


A sold out season, an immersive theatrical experience presented by bAKEHOUSE and Mandylights, as part of VIVID Sydney, 2016.

Director John Harrison & Michael Dean – Writer Constantine Costi, Michael Costi, John Harrison – Original Concept Constantine Costi, Michael Costi, Suzanne Millar – Dramaturgy Erin Taylor – Design John Harrison – Lighting Design Richard Neville and Mandylights – Producer Suzanne Millar – Technical Management Andrew McMartin & Will Newnham

With Kit Bennett, Simon Croker, Cheyne Finn, Richard Hilliar, Yannick Lawry, Rebecca Claire Moret, Jim McCrudden, Joshua McElroy, Jacqui Robson, Monica Sayers, Katherine Shearer, Jennifer White, Nicole Wineberg, Arisa Yura

Musicians Kieren Brereton, Alec Brinsmead, Rosemarie Costi, Sarah Evans, Maikara Kiamoana, Heather Prowse


by Sarah Ruhl

FOUL PLAY presents the South Australian Premiere

Plant One, Bowden, 2015

Director Producer Yasmin Gurreeboo – Associate Producer Emily McMahon Assistant Director Tobiah Booth-Remmers Composer Anthony Zatorski Designer Meghann Wilson  Lighting Consultant Alexander Ramsay

With Patrick Frost, Antoine Jelk, Annabel Matheson, Eddie Morrison, Bittany Plummer, Katherine Shearer and Graham Self

“Self, Shearer and Plummer worked together exquisitely as the Hadean chorus of Stones.. This is theatre at its best: innovative, exciting, meaningful, fresh and yet grounded in the best traditions of story-telling” Tracey Korsten, Glamadelaide.com.au


@ The Farm Through The Years

A joint venture produced by Hills Shire Council and part of the Hills Shire Council Summer Series of Events, at Bella Vista Farm.

Writer Stephen Hopley Director Jerry Retford Costumes Melinda Arnold Stage Manager Carla Hedley Props Lew McDonnell

With Craig Annis, Melinda Arnold, Leo Domigan, Lew McDonnell, Cameron Hutt, Emily Mcgowan, Kellie Martin, Leofric Kingsford-Smith, Matthew Rose, Jerry Retford, Amanda Marsden, Edric Hong, Rob Queree, Katherine Shearer

“This is experiential theatre where the stunning black ballgown of performance discretely takes the eye from the long flowing train of education. Including the wearer of said gown, Mrs Hogarth (Katherine Shearer) dancing mistress who imparts etiquette and deportment. Sharing laughter with her is a highlight in the time travel experience”  Judith Green Away, Sydney Arts Guide, 2016

For more information www.convictfootprints.com.au