About Katherine Shearer

Mad. Enough to be an actor.
A touch from all the family heritage - Shearer, Besanko, Cowdroy. Eccentric yet grounded.
A childhood filled with artistic opportunities by creatively minded parents.
Musician. Singer. Actor.
Bohemian at heart.
A wonder lust… or constantly itchy feet. Restlessness.
A spirit that won't give up.
Vulnerable but strong.
Much room for improvement.
Always looking to create opportunities.
Lives in hope.
Never gives up.

Kate’s screen work includes iconic Australian TV Shows RAKE opposite Richard Roxburgh and Home and Away opposite Georgie Parker. She has worked with award winning directors Armand de Salvy, Dan Krige and AFTRS film FRUIT with Ella Scott Lynch. Kate desires to strengthen her challenges and opportunities for further screen work.  

Rough Stuff

Kate plays reporter Roth Richards in Progressive Pictures new Aussie comedy-adventure feature film ROUGH STUFF, coming to Cinemas in 2017.

Visit the Rough Stuff Website

Witch Hunt

A documentary in production by IDLE WRATH FILMS on the subject of false accusations of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP)

Kate plays IDA, the ‘anti-profile’ mother  

Executive Producer: Dr Helen Hayward-Brown, Director: Suzanne Rath

DOP: Sian Bates, Sound: Lucas Robinson, Hair Makeup: Veronica Colvin

Green-Eyed Monsters

Kate portrays killer Diana Haun, in the episode of ‘Green Eyed Monsters‘ directed by Kate Ryerson in the American documentary television series Deadly Women. Kate also played victim Janet Perry in the episode ‘A Bankrupt Heart’ for Behind Mansion Walls, directed by James Knox. Both shows are produced in Australia by Beyond International.