About Katherine Shearer

Mad. Enough to be an actor.
A touch from all the family heritage - Shearer, Besanko, Cowdroy. Eccentric yet grounded.
A childhood filled with artistic opportunities by creatively minded parents.
Musician. Singer. Actor.
Bohemian at heart.
A wonder lust… or constantly itchy feet. Restlessness.
A spirit that won't give up.
Vulnerable but strong.
Much room for improvement.
Always looking to create opportunities.
Lives in hope.
Never gives up.

Kate’s voice has been described by industry peers, as distinctively having “sharp, clean, clear, intelligent, confident, young woman, real-world vocal qualities” that will be an assest to your next voice-over campaign. Learning to sing at a young age, developing her tone and breathing, Kate’s musical ear also makes pitching things right where you want them a breeze. 


Produced by Ten Alphas, Producer Nick Bolton, Director Jonathan Adams. 

Cast Lena Cruz, India Rowe and Katherine Shearer


Written by Paul Barry. With Dan Krige


Written by Alex Broun. With Salvatore Coco

Voice Reel