About Katherine Shearer

Mad. Enough to be an actor.
A touch from all the family heritage - Shearer, Besanko, Cowdroy. Eccentric yet grounded.
A childhood filled with artistic opportunities by creatively minded parents.
Musician. Singer. Actor.
Bohemian at heart.
A wonder lust… or constantly itchy feet. Restlessness.
A spirit that won't give up.
Vulnerable but strong.
Much room for improvement.
Always looking to create opportunities.
Lives in hope.
Never gives up.

Kate has been a regular face on television, advertising for some of Australia’s best known brands, which has broadcast across Australia, the U.K and South America. She has been fortunate enough to have shot campaigns in Bangkok, Aukland, Sydney and Los Angeles. Representing products from perfumes to flooring, she has also been part of the team of several award winning community campaigns; The Nuclear Family which was screened at the United Nations for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and Insight Communication’s Asbestos Awareness. Kate is always happy to lend her services to community or charity campaigns –  requests can be made via [email protected]


Finding herself on numerous commercial shoots that require stills, as well as the experience gained having worked as a photographer’s assistant, Kate has become very accustomed over the years to working in front of and feeling very uninhibited around a camera. She was the model for TABU perfume’s 80th Anniversary Edition, as well as spearheading Australian accessories brand JENDI over two years. She is still spotted on the side of BORAL trucks as part of their billboard campaign with Jamie Durie and worked alongside Rebecca Gibney for Olay. She has also worked as a life model to the Australian artist Robert Malherbe for around ten years and is a subject of many of his paintings.