About Katherine Shearer

Mad. Enough to be an actor.
A touch from all the family heritage - Shearer, Besanko, Cowdroy. Eccentric yet grounded.
A childhood filled with artistic opportunities by creatively minded parents.
Musician. Singer. Actor.
Bohemian at heart.
A wonder lust… or constantly itchy feet. Restlessness.
A spirit that won't give up.
Vulnerable but strong.
Much room for improvement.
Always looking to create opportunities.
Lives in hope.
Never gives up.


Katherine Shearer / Short Film  / Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth.


An AFTRS Master project. Written and directed by Shannon Ashlyn. Produced by Katherine Shearer.

Set in a European town in 1780, SWEET TOOTH is a dark and gritty but also magical fairytale film. Though it’s inspired by Hansel & Gretel by the Brothers Grimm, it takes a different look at the story you may think you know…! This tale tells us how the Wicked Witch became just that! Imagine a life-size, spooky but amazing gingerbread house in a winter pine forest… That’s one of the sets we are creating!

It’s an exciting prospect that this film also includes some stunning, high-end visual effects in collaboration with Animalogic, so the shoot will be partly in studio and partly at an extraordinary heritage location site.


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